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West German Ceramics
Piers – Founder

I grew up in the light of the post-war 50’s optimistic prosperity and the style revolutionary 60’s & 70’s so I was excited to take delivery of these mass-produced 1960’s ceramics that I found on German eBay.

West German Ceramics had its heyday from the 1950’s until the 1970’s; there was a determination after the war to focus on joy and happier things rather than the surrounding ruins. For ceramics, this period was about experimentation and the range of textures, shapes and sizes of ‘Fat Lava’ pottery, the name given to certain post-war pieces, is never ending! Boundaries of form, glaze and colour were pushed to the limits so whatever colour or colour combination you’re after, you are sure to find it.

Ceramics from this era have stood the test of time and, more recently, have become an important collectible. Although the growth and exposure of ‘Fat Lava’ has increased considerably, it is still within its infancy so amazing pieces can be found at truly bargain prices! (For reference, the green piece pictured above is 35cm high).