The Coolector | Richings Greetham As Seen In | February 2018

The Coolector

February 2018

When you’re as serious about leather goods and EDC as us here at Coolector HQ, you’ll likely spend plenty of time in search of the finest purveyors of such wares and we’re always delighted when we come across one as accomplished as Richings Greetham, who boast a stellar line up of leather accessories that any man will want to add to his collection in 2018.

Quality abounds with all Richings Greetham Leather Goods and all their products take their inspiration from the skill and attention to detail of traditional makers. Each piece expertly combines integrity and honesty with a utilitarian eye for detail. Richings Greetham craft all of their leather goods for both form and function and ensure to consistently refine them until they are at their finest and deliver the best aesthetic and functional performance……..Read More