Richings Greetham Leather Accessories for Everyday Carry | About Us


Richings Greetham is inspired by the skill and care of traditional makers, combining integrity and honesty with a utilitarian eye for detail. We design and develop our products for simplicity and function, continually refining them until they meet our expectations and are a pleasure to own and use.

In an era in which products are soon replaced, made redundant or forgotten, we seek to make items that remain fundamentally relevant and develop character over time. We believe that our belongings should reflect the best qualities in our lives; they should hold our attention and engage our senses. There is nothing superfluous or fleeting in our collection.

Everything we make follows the principles of good design elegantly outlined by Dieter Rams. We value design that is practical and aesthetic. The objects we own should be carefully considered and selected for a purpose. They should be unobtrusive and useful, while also captivating us whenever we look at them.

PIERS – Founder
Piers’ lifelong appreciation of detail and design manifests itself in all areas of his life, from his interest in art, furniture design and architecture, to his collections of film posters, coffee pots and classic cars.

STEPHEN – Designer
Stephen’s work is inspired by his time in Japan and the US and is influenced by Bauhaus and designers such as Dieter Rams. He believes that good design is the ability to solve problems; a discipline he has practised for many years.